Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a wonderful life

Afternoon readers
today is my free day at work
good or not good?
i'm feeling jobless
there's alot of stuff happening since my last post
1.Awanmulan and Lipsum's rocking
2.four years of bitter sweet relationship
3.getting 'i' thing from u-know-who
4.Breaking dawn, breaking nerves
5.blurry bridesmaid
6.penang, we meet again!! (this is suppose to be a secret)
7.Ombak Rindu is a BLACKOUT movie
8.packing to All Black's motherland
and me leaving Malaysia soon
wow..i always thought my life is kind of boring
haha..GREAT lah~


rubi said...

sha, nangis ke time tgok ombak rindu the blackout?

kak emy nangis~ hohoo..

a'aina camilla said...

i menitis kn setitik 2 air mata saje..hehe