Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm crying tonight

Hello fella
 It's getting late but my eyes too stubborn to sleep
it's irritating when u lie on your bed
but your eyes refuse to sleep
but lucky we are in high tech era
everything is on your fingertips
i'm kinda girl yg senang addicted to drama
last month my sister introduce me to a Philippines drama
Stairway to heaven

hero,name Cholo is such a tough guy..handsome and loyal
heroin, Jodi..she pretty and like to sacrifice
i've been told tht the drama was an adaptation from a famous novel
but i haven't 'Google' it
some of them says it was a song title
..i don't care..
thanks to tonton.com,my
they store some series to be watched 
especially a day worker like me
well i cried because the scene are touching me
i couldn't resist when i saw a man cried

i'll cried too
as for me, if man cried..they are hurt the most

note : they have korean version also..but less conflict..(org kate la..)
this drama is aired on 930 am on TV3..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm a greedy woman

Haloo everybody
what a lovely saturday morning
rise n shine babes
let me share a bit about woman nneds that most of the people already know
man always think our 'type' is super complex
well, they're born that way
full of emotion and insticts..i'm glad i'm a woman
besides we want to be loved

we also need a lot of attentions
we need to be pampered
we always expected surprises in a very unique ways

we need to be praised
we need to have besties for gossipping

we need a shoulder to cry on
we need shopping therapy

we need a partner that can keep our secret to death 
we need a soulmate or soulmates (rare case..)

yup..its going to be never end list
so that y i can conclude that 
GREEDY is my middle name
i want it all and nothing to lose

note : for all men out there, take care of your woman

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hyper slow

 Hi readers
its been a long time since i write my previous post
kinda miss to write again
i was thinking what to write
especially the title
i bet most of you will disagree with me if i'm saying that FEBRUARY is too slow 
suprisingly right?

this picture has nothing to do with the post
eventhough i have my BIG DAY during this month
i still cannot brain..y its to slow
its like crawling baby
ok..thats my first thought that i want to share
till we meet again..

note : i hope March will come sooner that i expected..
for all fellas,thanx for wishing me Birthday..so sweet all of u

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Di hening senja

Haloo everybody
awww....rindu ye?
actually sudah lame xupdate blog busuk ni
ye..penyakit yg hingga kini belum ditemui ubat nye
tp tidak ngape..klu uollz rjin2 komen..mybe kemalasan i tu akan terubat kot
sebenarnye aritu berkobar2 nk cite sal trip ke NZ

 i naek bende ni mase kt Wellington aritu

last2 post tu simpan je kt draft
lom di touch up lg
tgk la nnt klu dtg rjin i
i post ye
sekarang ni dh msuk tahun 2012

harap2 belom terlambat nk wish Happy New Year
tahun utk geng2 i bertukar status from single to married
seronok bg pihak diorg semua
ptg2 ni mmg xtau nk post ape..so merapu je la ye..
sebelum tu kate2 aluan..
nanti kn come back dari i..(poyo sgt2)
selamat menjalani kehidupan dengan baik2 sahaja
note : stay cute..stay healthy