Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm a greedy woman

Haloo everybody
what a lovely saturday morning
rise n shine babes
let me share a bit about woman nneds that most of the people already know
man always think our 'type' is super complex
well, they're born that way
full of emotion and insticts..i'm glad i'm a woman
besides we want to be loved

we also need a lot of attentions
we need to be pampered
we always expected surprises in a very unique ways

we need to be praised
we need to have besties for gossipping

we need a shoulder to cry on
we need shopping therapy

we need a partner that can keep our secret to death 
we need a soulmate or soulmates (rare case..)

yup..its going to be never end list
so that y i can conclude that 
GREEDY is my middle name
i want it all and nothing to lose

note : for all men out there, take care of your woman

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