Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm crying tonight

Hello fella
 It's getting late but my eyes too stubborn to sleep
it's irritating when u lie on your bed
but your eyes refuse to sleep
but lucky we are in high tech era
everything is on your fingertips
i'm kinda girl yg senang addicted to drama
last month my sister introduce me to a Philippines drama
Stairway to heaven

hero,name Cholo is such a tough guy..handsome and loyal
heroin, Jodi..she pretty and like to sacrifice
i've been told tht the drama was an adaptation from a famous novel
but i haven't 'Google' it
some of them says it was a song title
..i don't care..
thanks to tonton.com,my
they store some series to be watched 
especially a day worker like me
well i cried because the scene are touching me
i couldn't resist when i saw a man cried

i'll cried too
as for me, if man cried..they are hurt the most

note : they have korean version also..but less conflict..(org kate la..)
this drama is aired on 930 am on TV3..

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